#JSticks Weekly Tweet Chat Highlights: Topic#1

Recently mag EICs Datwon Thomas(XXL) and Emil Wilbekin(GIANT) left their mags for the web…thoughts?

aliyasking: I think this move is very interesting. It reminds me of the late-90s when many print journalists bolted for the web. New trend?

problemchylde: He might think the internet market is more secure than print right now

WEKetchum: Yeah, def a new trend. And an interesting one at that: it’s interesting to see editors leaving on their own terms

LuvvieIg: I don’t think print should be forgotten completely. Still enjoy reading a magazine & feeling the glossy pages


Journalisticks: I’m surprised that more big name urban journos haven’t made this move before now. Is it too late to join the web game?

theparkerreport: Don’t forget Elliott Wilson (rapradar) and, like so many others

Journalisticks: When YN went to the web folks were still looking at him sideways like he just took a job on the moon


DopeAlicious: With magazines going out of print left and right i’m not surprised. Are they making good money on the web?

theparkerreport: Not MORE money online, just MONEY online. Period. That means, where print is downsizing, online is actually growing

aliyasking: The truth is, for a lot of people, a web gig is considered “less than” a print gig. No one says it aloud. But people think that

MissSuccess: While there r lots of opportunity online rt now. Print issues offer something tangible. Something you can touch and feel.


KillaHills: don’t think it’s a step down, 1.i’m sure essence HAD to cut the check to get Emil & 2.I’m sure it’s probably less work..

AquaAHH: web can be WAY more work if you’re dealing with a daily schedule of multiple posts

clovito: ditto. writing daily news stories and being up on everything that happens EVERY day is definitely more grinding


Journalisticks:: Why are “we” so late to the web game?

theparkerreport: We are NOT “late” to the game. Every journalist across the board is making the leap. Some earlier, others refuse

Journalisticks: What will Emil’s job be exactly? Often times print pubs don’t give their web side the freedom they need to succeed

aliyasking: according to the press release, he’s doing everything. Video, news, all content. And it’s very ambitious.



mimivaldesryan: There are very few opportunities in print these days. If you don’t know how to work the web, you’re in trouble.

tlawrites: The web can be a good starting point for new writers. Making the transition from web to print? Not so easy

theparkerreport: Truth is, mags are still more glamorous (I’ve worked at both). No Big offices on the web. No time for chin-stroking, long lunches.


Journalisticks What changes would you like to see Datwon bring to @GlobalGrind

SoSoulfull: I’d like @daydog to bring a sense of consistency/authority, hat site confuses me*going over there now to browse*

Journalisticks:: I am on the fence about Content Grabber vs OG content. Soon no one will have anything original. Like, will GG hire “WRITERS”?


mimivaldesryan: As much as the web is growing, I don’t know anyone who would turn down a job at GQ magazine, lol

aliyasking: This is true. But no one wants to say it aloud. Web is not equal to print–yet

clovito: I just wonder if the journalism world flocking to the web is a fad or will it level out. is the web that much more profitable

KillaHills: i dont think anyone knows how to make dough from publishing right now. who’s a mag that’s actually making a sig profit?

MissSuccess: It’s not a fad. Just devolution of journalism. Not more money online. Just more opportunity for the avg person. Smaller ventures must always be ahead of the curve. Which is why bigwigs are hiring underdogs.


mimivaldesryan: As far as I know, not one of the Conde Nast websites make more money than their publications. Analyze that as you wish, lol

lynneluvah: diff btwn web and print. web=real analytics based on CPM. print=you get to fudge #s for glossy pages. PC mag has gone all digital, so there’s a story there to tell in terms of revs.

Journalisticks: Regardless…YN, Emil and Day aren’t the first to jump to the web and won’t be the last. Much success to them. PITCH ‘EM!