Will Your Website Be Relevant in 2011?

At New York’s Internet Week panel on “The Impact of Social Media on Culture and the Economy,” an interesting question was raised: “Are websites going to matter in a couple years?”

With Facebook and Twitter quickly becoming web user’s dish of choice, it makes you wonder if rapid-character-limited-dialogue will replace niche sites like mobile phones did landlines.

The panelist, including moderator Rick Sanchez from CNN, responded with answers for worried website owners. Here are their thoughts (with my two cents added):

  • Benjamin Palmer (Co-Founder & CEO, The Barbarian Group): “If [your website] doesn’t connect to other websites, the answer is no.” My Two Cents: Facebook Connect.
  • Rick Sanchez (CNN anchor): “If your website is an island you need to socialize more. You have to be apart of the conversation.” My Two Cents: Go to other sites and join their conversations — and this doesn’t mean only leaving comments to tell people to go to your site. That’s called spam.
  • Chris Cunningham (CEO & Founder, appssavvy): “The spirit of transparency and honesty is much more interesting than being talked at.” My Two Cents: What makes you an expert? Share your personal experiences on your site to make people give a damn about what you’re preaching about. After that, go twitter about it!