#JSTICKS Tweet Chat 6/8/09: Topic #3

TOPIC#3: Current TV Journos Euna Lee and Laura Ling were sentenced to 12 years in a North Korea prison. What should happen to them?

AquaAHH: Gore needs to start speaking up and try to finagle them out of there, somehow.

bmockaveli: I wouldn’t risk my life for “journalism,” but if what I was covering was meaningful enough, I would

Love_Is_Dope: The WH needs to get on the Lee/Ling affair ASAP! That’s absolutely ridiculous.

ShaynaD: there was a report earlier that Obama is setting up mtgs w/ SKorea to discuss. He recognizes the urgency

bmockaveli: So what are they gonna do? Send snipers into the Korean prison camp and rescue them?

bmockaveli: I do hope Hillary steps up. But if journalism is suppposed to be indy of govt, should we count on govt to save us?

Love_Is_Dope: The exact solution? I don’t know, but something substantial. That behavior can not be accepted

ToureX: Dealing w 3 rogue Somali pirates is far easier than nuclear-armed North Korea

rlnave: What should we do, invade NK? And maybe next time they lob a missle at Japan, they won’t be “testing” it

blackgirlchi: I think LEE/LING did the Current story in the first place to bring to light the situation in NK. They have achieved their goal. Lee/Ling would do ANYTHING for a story (hide cameras, fake like they wanted services) and they knew the risks of going new NK.

AquaAHH: moral of the story for me is to stay far away from North Korea.

rlnave: The real question is would China have intervened had it not been the anniversary of Tiananmen Sq? I think they would have.

bmockaveli: I don’t know, but its worth advocating. The Iran & N. Korea sitches involved journos of color. Maybe UNITY should be?

bmockaveli: seriously, the issues is freedom o’press, which other nations don’t recognize. We need some kinda global treaty to avoid this. There are global conventions currently on everything but media. We need to correct that soon, or this will become more common. maybe we should push to have this on the agenda at the G20 this September in Pittsburgh

blackgirlchi: Journalists without Borders addresses the issues of safety for journalists…

rlnave: Perhaps, but doesn’t that put the US in the bat we’ve always been in? Lecturing to the world when our stuff ain’t tight? ie Kyoto.? I’m just saying, maybe we should send a third party rather than gov’t official. An elder statesmen with journo background.