Bad Headline: Rap Music Kills Again

Leave it to GAWKER.COM to craft a headline that is sure to get clicks and more importantly play on people’s disdain for rap music, black people and murder.

Rap music: Will it ever stop inspiring America’s youth to commit multiple homicides? Not likely, if the sad case of Richard “Syko Sam” McCluskey is any indication. Because he killed four people.

Calif. horrorcore rapper suspected of killing 4,” says the AP headline. This is technically true, although a more accurate headline might have been “Calif. adolescent without any good hobbies snaps,” or “MYSPACE KILLS.” McCroskey, a 20 year-old kid from California, is suspected of killing four people in Virginia—including a pastor and a college professor. He apparently went to visit the pastor’s daughter after meeting her on Myspace. [READ THE REST HERE]

Firstly, this “rapper” is an unknown and was part of a scene that is so far removed from what the mainstreams considers to be real rap music.

Gawker, -1000 points for missing the mark.