Seattle’s Stranger: Hooters = Niggers


“Seattle’s Only Newspaper” sent a self-proclaimed feminist reporter to cover the grand opening of a local Hooters Family Restaurant. Not surprisingly, she was appalled. Equally appalling, though, was the following analogy used to illustrate the restaurant’s offensiveness:

It’s like—a friend pointed out later—if someone opened a restaurant called Niggers, and the all-black waitstaff dressed like slaves and step ‘n’ fetched you platters of watermelon, and when it was your birthday they were all, “Jump-down-turn-around-pick-a-bale-of-cotton!” and brought you a cake in the shape of a bale of cotton. And racists could go! And indulge their desire to be publicly racist under the guise of a fun-loving theme restaurant! Niggers! It’s all in fun. It really is like that.7

Except it isn’t like that at all.  Other than that, the piece was OK.